Q: Your English is not so perfect, you know…

A: Yes, English is not my first language. And it’s way more difficult than Japanese. My first language is Polish, so please, forgive me my mistakes.

Q: Marceli & Bryk? Who are those guys?

A: Marceli Szpak, Wulfram Bryk and Leonard Ledwożyw are characters from the weird fiction novel called „The 4th floor” (novel status: over 500 pages, still W.I.P.).

Q: Is it a comedy?

A: No, the novel is not funny at all. There will be however a few short stories in the future that will contain some dose of humor.

Q: What’s the novel about?

A: It’s about a mystery of an eerie foggy town. The main characters are private-eye Bryk, his odd assistant Marceli (longhaired bishounen) and Leonard - the agent from a secret organization. Like my previous two novels, this one concentrates on psychological drama and wicked relationships, so there’s a very little action in it.

Q: Wait! So Marceli’s a boy?!

A: Yes. In the novel he even says: “Every woman regrets that she can’t have me. And every man regrets that I’m not a woman”. He also knows that he’s “too beautiful to be a man”.

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Q: Is Marceli a psycho?

A: Nah, he’s just a nutshell XD

Q: Why Marceli talks so much bout penises?

A: To frustrate a real gentleman called Bryk, who’s motto is: “Even if you are alone, behave like you were in front of the emperor”.

Q: Why he’s torturing Bryk anyway?

A: That’s explained in the novel.